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With Infotelligence Infolook introduces a highly innovative solution for knowledge organizations. Infotelligence facilitates a process that delivers relevant media messages at the right time; for the right person to be displayed via the right medium. Depending on the requirements and wishes of customers these media messages could be newspapers, trade magazines, RSS feeds, websites and Social media. Through Infotelligence Infolook ensures that organizations are able to use one turn- key solution that allows them to track and trace relevant media articles, distribute them and analyze them for indepth understanding and knowledge building.
Based upon Infolook technical and practical experience in the way how knowledge organizations want to deal with Media Monitoring and Media Analysis, we focus entirely on customized solutions based upon standard tools and modules to offer a fixed pricing / licensing structure. Together with our own development team, clients can easily grow in the quantity and diversity of media sources and the desired functionality. Infotelligence secures a complete picture of your media environment and gives you insight to ensure that you have a solution tailored to your needs in the field of Media Monitoring and Media Monitoring Analysis.